1. How tall do I need to be to ride your e bike?  Above 5 ft. 

2.  Where do we meet for the reservation? 

Antelope Island Marina Parking lot  4528 W. 1700 S. Syracuse, UT, 84075. 

This address will take you to the entrance of the Park where you will pay at the gate. Drive across the causeway ( 7 miles), turn right into the Marina Parking lot. You will see banners and signs in front of the building.

2. Do I need to pay a gate fee to get onto island?

Yes, the fee goes to Davis County for the causeway. We are unable to waive the fee. Per car load is 15$ up to 8pl., Motorcycles 5$, Bicycles 3$

3. Age restrictions?  none

4. Weight restriction's? over 250 lbs. 

 5. Helmets provided? Yes