Are E-bike batteries safe?

Do you know that company that made our calculators from back in college or high school? Texas Instruments. 

Mokwheel is an e-bike manufacturer that uses Texas Instruments Battery Management Systems (BMS) in their electric bikes, such as the Mokwheel Basalt model[2][3]. The BMS is an essential component for ensuring the safety and performance of the battery[1]. Some key features of Mokwheel batteries and the Texas Instruments BMS include:

  • Preventing overcharging and over-discharging: The BMS monitors the voltage and current of the battery, preventing overcharging and over-discharging, which can cause damage to the battery and reduce its overall lifespan[3].
  • Balancing cells within the battery pack: The BMS helps balance the cells within the battery pack, which is essential for maintaining the overall health of the battery[3].
  • Cutting power once the battery is fully charged: The BMS ensures that the battery will not overcharge even if left plugged in 24/7, as power is cut once the battery is fully charged[4].
  • Compatibility with LG/Samsung battery cells: Mokwheel uses battery cells from LG/Samsung, which are known for their reliability and safety[2].

By incorporating the Texas Instruments BMS and using high-quality battery cells, Mokwheel aims to provide a safe and reliable e-bike experience for its customers[2].