Evolve Phaze Remote

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  • $149.00
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  • Compatible with Hadean, GTR & Stoke Series
  • Strong & durable! 
  • Automatic trigger resets
  • CNC aluminum frame.


The PHAZE remote has been designed to handle the toughest riding conditions as requested by our community!



• CNC ALUMINIUM FRAME - We vigorously tested the remote ourselves in line with military spec standards. The CNC aluminum frame provides strength and durability.

• MENU NAVIGATION - Double tap the power button to enter the menu, tap it to enter into a setting, then double tap the deadman to go back.

• MY BOARD - Check your board temperatures, battery data, product info, and warnings.

• RIDES - Check your recent & all-time rides.

• LIGHT SETTINGS - Change the board colors here!

• AUTOMATED TRIGGER RESET - Follow the prompts in the remote for an easy reset. The remote will also prompt you when it needs resetting.

• SLEEP MODE - Both the remote and board will sleep after several minutes without input. Simply hold the brake trigger down to wake up the remote and board.



  • 1 x Phaze Remote
  • 1 x Remote Case
  • 1 x Wrist strap
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable



This remote is compatible with the Hadean, GTR/Stoke Series 1/2.

  • For GT, GTX, and ONE Board, 

Some features are not available with the GTR / Stoke Series 1, such as temperature readings, battery data, warnings, ride tracking, and LED light control.


Not sure what remote is compatible with your board?  


Please see the Phaze Remote user manual for operation.