5 E-bike readiness tips for Spring

bike on repair lift with a bike mechanic performing routine tune-up

Hey there! It's time to give your ebike some TLC! 


  1. Start by checking those brakes – make sure they're not making any strange sounds and if they are, it might be time to swap out those pads.

  2. Check your battery levels and give it a good charge if needed.

  3. Don't forget to clean that chain – a little degreaser and lubricant can go a long way! And hey, while you're at it…

  4. Give your bike's frame a good wipe-down to keep it looking fresh. If you're feeling unsure or if your bike needs some extra love, don't hesitate to…

  5. Schedule a tune-up with our experts at Antelope E-bikes Book a RepairWe're here to help keep your ride smooth and enjoyable!