Which electric bike is best?

   The best bike you can purchase is by far the one that suits your needs the best. Mokwheel is a strong candidate to be the best electric bike choice. 

     With high-quality bikes, dealers, service, and accessories, you can easily find the best bike for you. Check out antelopeebikes.com and find the right bike for your intentions. These are our thoughts.

     At  Antelope E-bikes we have a few of our favorites we’d like to share. Jamie, and the Kaysville manager ride the Basalt and Scoria for the best electric bike. These are power station bikes, which you connect through an inverter and then your favorite appliance; charge your phone, your laptop, grill, coffee maker or anything with 110-volt connections. As well as usb, and USB-c, all Powered by your bike. 

     The Basalt offers a step through and a step over version. This is a taller ride with large 26x4 inch wheels to handle any terrain.  The Scoria, with smaller 20 inch wheels, still has the same 750w motor and 20aH battery as the Basalt, they’ll go 60-80 miles on a single charge. 
     We have taken these bikes on the front runner here in Utah the Bonneville shoreline trails in and around Logan, Ogden and Layton, the Durango to Rio grande Trail, Ogden river Parkway, as well as much of Southern Utah, including Moab,  Kanab, St. George, 3 national parks and counting. Jamie used her bike’s power to make breakfast on their camping trip in the Uintas.

     My recommendations for the best electric bike from Mokwheel, is the Tor Plus. It has the same 750 watt rear hub motor as the Basalt and Scoria and wields a 14.7 aH battery. It’ll go as much as 55 miles on a single charge. I would say  it gives the most bang for the veratile e-bike buck. Given my use and my expectations of an electric bike. The Tor Plus is able to commute and ride the trail. It does have mechanical brakes versus the hydraulic models.  If your electric bikes needs are filled in under 55 miles with trail and road strength, then that’s what I would be looking for. Its sibling, the Mesa Plus is a good alternative, step through version. Which comes in a really cool flat matte tan.

     For the mountain biking enthusiast, you should absolutely turn to the Obsidian. The Mokwheel Obsidian has a 1000 Watt! rear hub motor with a full suspension, with 110 mm travel on the front fork. It looks so cool. Its black and red is so sinister and it’s yellow reminds me of bumblebee. It also happens to come in a camo. 

When you’re asking, which is the best electric bike for a commuter, look at the Asphalt and Mesa lite 2.0. These are easy-going rides with front suspension and 26 x 2.5” wheels. This is a great city and pathway bike. It’s classy, upright position and rear rack make it versatile. The accessory kit especially supports this bike as a commuter so if you’re going for an enjoyable ride, that is easy to get on and off, it’s comfortable no saddle soreness, definitely add on suspension post and cushion seat.  If you get the step over version add that water bottle holder to the inside frame Put that rear trunk bag on the rear. I’m definitely putting the rearview mirror under the left handle. Now you’ve got a great versatile bike for easy grocery or supply trips. 

     We currently offer Bakcou brand bikes, the top-tier hunting bike. If your looking for the best electric bike for hunting. These powerful rides are built for ultra load bearing, towing tasks over difficult terrain. All our Bakcou bikes are marked at demo prices. Come see what we’ve got.