Antelope Ebikes

Garr Ranch Tour (NEW F0R 2021)

  • $149.00

Go further back in time with us on our Historic Garr Ranch Ride

We begin and end our tour in the marina parking lot on Antelope Island. Our journey through time starts the second we hit the pedal!!

Many stops along the way may include American Bison, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Coyotes, Snakes and so much more! Other discussions may include the history of Antelope Island and all its details like: how old are the rocks? or how many birds visit the great salt lake each year, so bring your questions and test our knowledge!    

We will allow around 30 minutes to explore the Historic Garr Ranch before we make our way back to the marina parking lot

Water is available at the ranch, just ask your guide to direct you!