Evolve Prism Strip LED Lights

  • $24.99

Want to stand out when riding at night and add some cool customization to your board?  We have designed a special USB LED kit called Prism Strips that allows for the easiest assembly onto your Bamboo GTR or Stoke via the dual USB ports.  Each strip has a super strong 3M adhesive on the back which bonds itself to the deck and is powered by simply plugging the USB connector straight into the USB ports on the Bamboo GTR or Stoke motor controller casing.


  • 20 color options
  • 19 modes
  • 205 lumens
  • 3W power
  • USB connection
NOTE – These strips can only plug into your Bamboo GTR or Stoke motor controller casing.  If you don’t have a Bamboo GTR or Stoke then another USB power supply is needed for the strips can connect to.